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MotorwayMadness 1.3 Out Soon…

Motorway Madness 1.3 will be available on the AppStore soon and is now UNIVERSAL:


Motorway Madness 1.2 Is Out!

Motorway Madness 1.2 is now on the AppStore:

Here is a list of what’s new in this version:

  • The game has been rewritten in OpenGL ES. This will boot performance and allow it run better on older devices.
  • The explosions have been improved and look a lot nicer.
  • A player speed setting has also been added to give you more control over the movement speed.
  • The iPod Player now has a dedicated view which can be accessed from the Setting view.
  • Unlocking locked cars now includes an increased health bonus.
  • You can now change your username even if you are logged in to Game Center.
  • The instructions now show up when the game is paused instead of being on a separate page.
  • A PlayHaven page has been added under More.
  • Quite a few minor bugs have also been fixed.


Motorway Madness 1.2 Coming Soon…

Motorway Madness 1.1 Is Out!

Motorway Madness 1.1 includes minor bug fixes and some UI improvements. It also adds the ability to save scores under a custom name when not logged in to Game Center.

Motorway Madness 1.0.1 Is Out!

Motorway Madness 1.0.1 is out with 3.1.3 and 3.2 compatibility and also some minor bug fixes…


Here are some in-game screenshots:

Motorway Madness is on the AppStore!

Check out Motorway Madness on the Apple AppStore –